SMOK X-PRIV 225W TC Starter Kit Review

The X-PRIV Modwith a matchingTFV12 Prince Tank(the SMOK X-PRIV Starter Kit) is not one of SMOK’s LUXE Editions (such as the recently reviewed SMOK Majesty Luxe). For one, the X-PRIV is a completely new Box Mod, and even though it, like the Luxe Editions, contains the TFV12 Prince tanks that match the color the X-PRIV Mod, it doesn’t make the X-PRIV Luxe.


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The SMOK X-PRIV Starter Kit is one of the most attractive Mods I’ve seen in a while and certainly the most sophisticated looking Mod I’ve ever seen come from SMOK. In fact, it makes me wonder what SMOKis going to be up to after the Chinese New Year celebration ends, in early March. We might be looking for a big change in direction from SMOK very soon.

SMOK’s New Direction?

If the SMOK X-PRIV Starter Kit is successful, and from all the indicators I see it certainly is so far, then we can expect to see SMOK begin to release more Box Mods and Sub-Ohm Tanks, and more Starter Kits that lean heavy on the sophisticated, and on the subtle. No more Skulls in Top Hats, no more jagged edges with LED lights springing out to attract attention. Perhaps SMOKwill be aiming at Vapers that try not to draw attention to themselves, or perhaps Vapers that desire a more mature design. If that’s true, the first salvo, the SMOK X-PRIV Starter Kit, is a fantastic start.

When the SMOK Clears

I was asked to add a paragraph to this review for the SMOK X-PRIV Starter Kit that mentions an insignificant number SMOK haters. You know, that small, but very loud group of haters that hate everything SMOK does. Then I thought about it. If I did what I was asked, I would have to do that for just about every manufacturer of vape products.

For whatever reason, people have brands that they like, that they are indifferent to, and those that they hate. For me, and thousands of others, SMOK is a fine brand, and has not failed me. I’ve been using the X-PRIVand Prince for a month now and I’ve not experienced a single issue.

The X-PRIV and Prince Tank are the Perfect Match

The excellent TFV12 Prince Sub-Ohm Tank  has been talked about a lot here in Spinfuel VAPE. Hell, it even won the Product of the Year Award. It is a magnificent tank. The prebuilt coils deliver flavor and vapor in abundance, and all under 120W. Most prebuilt coils for the Prince do wonderful at 65-70W.

The Flavor Coil is the V12-Prince-Q4, with a maximum wattage of 100W, and an optimal wattage range of 60-70W. For massive clouds, try the V12-Prince-T10 or the V12-Prince-X6…. For those that love Rebuildables, the Prince’s RBA head is fabulous, delivering a RDA+ vape experience.

The Prince Tank, when it sits atop the SMOK X-PRIV… it’s a perfect match of Mod + Tank.

Buying Replacement Coils for the Prince

The SMOK TFV12 Prince Replacement Coil Packs  contain 3x prebuild coils. These are high performance replacement coils. The TFV12 Prince Replacement Coils come in three different types for three different vape experiences: V12 Prince-T10 coils is a 0.12-ohm decuple coils that is rated for 60 to 120W, the V12 Prince-Q4 coils are 0.4 ohm quadruple coils that are rated for 40 to 100W, the V12 Prince-X6 coils are 0.15 ohm sextuple coils that are rated for 50 to 120W, and for the Direct Voltage Mods there is the V12 Prince-M4 coils that are 0.17 ohm quadruple coils rated for 30 to 70W.

The V12-Prince-RBA-Head is a very capable RBA. With a 17mm diameter deck, the RBA integrates a two post, dual terminal design. Each terminal measures 2mm in diameter. With ample airflow feeds into the V12-Prince-RBA, and dual 8mm by 5mm internal air slots the wicking is out of this world. I am ready to say that the Prince RBA needs to be on some kind of Best Of list. You can pick up the Prince RBA at Element Vape for about $12.  Replacement coil packs start at $9.95 and go up from there. Break them in with care, nothing hurts like destroying a brand new coil because it wasn’t primed correctly, or the wattage on the Mod snuck up way past the wattage range of the coil.

What Really Matters


Temperature Control
The SMOKX-PRIV’s power output is 6W to 225W while using twohi-amp 18650 cells. Using SMOK’s latest chipset allows the X-PRIV to squeeze out another 5W then that of the previous 220W Mods. Does it make a big difference? No, not really. It’s just numbers after 200W in my opinion. I never vape above 140W no matter what Mod I’m using.

All SMOK Box Mods these day have chipsets that offer full temperature control. Capable of accurate temperatures with Nickel, Titanium, and Stainless-Steel (even TCR adjustments on the fly), a SMOK Box Mod user that equips their Mod with SMOK Sub-Ohm Tank, will undoubtedly wind up only using Wattage Mode since 100% of SMOK prebuilt Coil Heads are made with Kanthal.  The only way to use Temperature Control on a SMOK Tank, especially with the Prince as part of the Starter Kit, is with that optional RBA. If you are a TC Vaper, you can pick up an RBA head for the included Prince Tank for about $12. Using the RBA allows you to construct coils with any wire you choose.

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Now It’s Available :SMOK X-Priv 225W TC Kit with TFV12 Prince

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